My Heart Was Made To Travel is about my own travel experiences, places in the world I would love to visit and blog about and general inspiration on life.

I am a Tourism and Marketing Professional who recently moved to Vancouver, British Columbia from St Lucia to grow personally and professionally. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Management and a Master’s Degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management. I am also pursuing a Certificate in Digital Communications for Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Please see my professional profile on my LinkedIn page: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/minervaward.

I have lived in The Bahamas, Jamaica, St Lucia and now Canada. My blog will cover these amazing destinations and my experiences travelling through the Caribbean, the US and Canada. I will also explore Europe, Africa, Asia and the islands of the Pacific (all on my bucket list).

I am a Christian and my blog will include inspiration that I come across in daily life as well as from my relationship with God. I hope you enjoy my posts as I will enjoy reading your comments and feedback. Please come along with me as I enjoy my journey of travelling this planet.

Much love,



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog, I’ll be checking in on you frequently….and as if to maintain the status quo, I have left behind big city life and world travel, to return to my birthplace – St Lucia.

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