Spring Time in Vancouver = Cherry Blossoms

Pardon my excitement over cherry blossoms, but I am, well….EXCITED!! Growing up in the Caribbean, I was accustomed to sunny, year-round summers. I had experienced fall and winter in Toronto and of course, winter in Vancouver, but I had never experienced the beauty and renewal of spring. I moved to Vancouver in November, 2012. Yes! Right […]

In Pursuit Of All We Were Called To Be…

What would you do if you knew you would not fail? That’s easy! If there is a guarantee of success, where’s the risk? But what if the path is less certain, untrodden? What if your inner self is calling you on a journey totally into the unknown? I think Maslow’s theory is right, and that […]

In the middle of the Caribbean, there is an island paradise……..

It would be remise of me not to begin my travel blog without sharing my beautiful home with you, the island that gave me birth: St Lucia. Nicknamed the Helen of the West, its history is synonymous with that of the Helen of Troy, being fought over by two nations: France and England. It was […]